Borogove Publishing - the next issue is gonna be awesome
email us 4/20/2007 Welcome to Borogove Publishing! We're getting ready for the Alternative Press Expo at the Concourse Exhibition Center in San Francisco, where we're sharing a table with Tammy Stellanova and her awesome comics and jewelry.

At present, we have three titles in our catalog:

The first is Across An Endless Sea: Kaleja, a swashbuckling fantasy limited series. In the wake of her parents' assassination, a young woman embarks on a difficult journey to avenge them and avert a war.

24 pages b/w, standard comic. US$3.50

Hard Bargains is one of two astonishing 24-Hour Comics from creator James Oleson. In it, a gambler with an uncanny knack for figuring the odds encounters a mysterious stranger with a unique proposition.

Special edition minicomic - 28 pages b/w. US$4.00

James Oleson's The Funambulist tells the story of a man who learns something of the nature of miracles from the most amazing wire walker who ever lived.

Special edition minicomic - 28 pages b/w. US$4.00

We're working hard on the second issue of Across An Endless Sea, and trying to blackmail James into prying more 24-Hour Comics out of his fevered imagination, so check back soon for news updates.